Funding of energy efficiency projects and capitalization of renewable energy sources to cover own consumption (by granting loans on competitive and advantageous commercial terms)

Transparent assessment and selection criteria for eligible projects (published through its own website)

Operational procedures designed and conducted in accordance with international banking standards (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development)

Information and awareness (through its own website as well as articles published in specialized magazines, in the volumes of conferences attended by representatives of the Fund and on social networks)

Communication and dissemination (through the media and social networks, the written press, congresses, conferences, seminars, workshops and bilateral meetings)

Technical support (provided REEF of charge to eligible beneficiaries during bilateral contacts, in order to select those projects that meet the eligibility criteria)

Operational Manual

The Operational Manual of the Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund (OM) describes the principles governing the Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund (REEF). The Operational Manual establishes the directions of intervention and action for all key factors involved in the management of the Fund, in the implementation of subsequent measures and monitoring of the results obtained.

The Operational Manual aims to understand the principles and practices used by all stakeholders and also aims to create and strengthen a partnership. The content of the OM is made in correlation with the provisions of the REEF Organization and Functioning Regulation, which establishes the competencies, duties and responsibilities of the REEF management bodies as well as of the affiliated personnel.

The content of the Operation Manual – including the annexes – cannot be amended or corrected without the explicit consultation and approval of the Board of Directors of the Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund.

Information on the initiation, implementation and completion, on June 30th, 2008, of the ”GEF/ IBRD Energy Efficiency Project” based on which the Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund was established and operates can be found in the official documents published on the GEF website.


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