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The Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund  is a financial institution providing commercial financing of investments projects aiming the rational use of energy (RUE). The Fund assists industrial companies and other energy consumers in adopting and use of modern technologies for efficient use of energy. Thus, the Romanian economy could be affected by the reduction of its final energy intensity and the mitigation of Green House Gases and other pollutant emissions.

The main characteristics of the Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund, as a financial institution are:
  • body of public interest, legal person, independent and financially autonomous;
  • client-oriented financial institution;
  • funds revolving operation;
  • private-public partnership promoter;
  • well-balanced investment portfolio;
  • transparency and equal treatment for all Fund clients;
  • support for all implemented energy efficiency investments.

The Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund aims to promote a demonstrative effect, through the successful implementation of this GEF/IBRD energy efficiency project, and to increase the interest of the banking sector in supporting energy efficiency investments in Romania.

Informations about the Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund could be accessed by opening the site pages 'Brief History', 'Legal Status', 'Overall Goals', 'Competences and Attributions', 'Tools', 'Operatonal Structure', 'Organizational Chart' and 'Operational Manual'.

Study Cases presenting the investments in energy efficiency commercially co-financed by the Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund could be downloaded in pdf format.

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The Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund aims to use its expertise and capital to leverage US$ 75 million of investments during the next few years. Co-financing opportunities include:
  • involvment of  local banks in providing loans for the investment projects evaluated by the Fund;
  • partnership of the Fund with all financial institutions in traditional financing/co-financing arrangements.

The Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund Project Financing: Current Status (November 13th, 2017)

The Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund is a pole of national interest in promoting commercial financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources capitalization projects. Being complementary to other traditional actors form the Romanian banking sector interested in promoting investment programs in different economic sectors, the Fund is strongly motivated to create and enter its own financing niche. Through professional client oriented services, the Fund is attracting potential clients by helping them in eliminating barriers in energy efficiency projects financing.

The Eligibility Criteria for getting a Loan from the Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund are described on the location http://www.free.org.ro/Client Page/Eligibility Criteria/.

To date, the Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund has concluded 38 financing agreements amounting to US$20.853 million. Details on http://www.free.org.ro/Project Financing/Financing.

The total amount of investments in energy efficiency projects, including the co-financing awarded by the Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund is of US$ million 64.271. The results coming from the monitoring of investments already implemented could be downloaded from the address http://www.free.org.ro/Project Financing/Monitoring/.

The Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund project portfolio contains to date 164 projects amounting to about US$329million, technical and financial details being available at the address http://www.free.org.ro/Project Financing/Analysis/.
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