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The Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund project financing: current status (January 08th, 2016)

The Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund is a pole of national interest in the promotion of commercial financing of Rational Use of Energy (RUE) and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects.

Being similar with traditional actors from the Romanian banking sector, interested in supporting investment programs in different economic sectors, the Fund is strongly motivated to create its own financing niche by attracting potential beneficiaries and helping them in removing barriers in financing energy efficiency projects through Client-oriented professional services.

The Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund is currently administrating Financing Agreements amounting to US$ million 20.385. Details are provided as it follows.

No. BeneficiaryIn force from Investment/Case Study Loan (103 US$) Annual Energy Savings (toe/year)Simple Payback
 1UNIO SA Satu MAre September  28, 2004 Replacement of air compressors/Case Study I SC UNIO SA Satu Mare.pdf130440* 2.6*
 2TRANSGEX SA Oradea November 03, 2004 Modernization of geothermal station and 5 thermal substations/Case Study SC TRANSGEX SA ORADEA.pdf425
5,800* 2.5*
 3CET SA Iasi March 24, 2005 Modernization of 5 thermal substations and related distribution networks/Case Study SC CET SA IASI.pdf
 4ULEROM SA Vaslui April 28, 2005 Installation of a sunflower husks fired boiler/Case Study SC ULEROM SA VASLUI.pdf448
 5SOMES SA Dej July 05, 2005 Modernization of paper mill steam-condensate system and installation of an EMS/Case Study SC SOMES SA DEJ.pdf
 7521,130*  1.7*
 6ROVINARI Local Council September 23, 2005Modernization of public outdoor lighting system/Case Study ROVINARI LOCAL COUNCIL.pdf
 10047* 4.6*
 7DOROHOI Local Council  October 24, 2005Modernization of public outdoor lighting system/Case Study DOROHOI LOCAL COUNCIL.pdf 209172* 3.1*
 8BRAN Local Council November 14, 2005Modernization of public outdoor lighting system/Case Study BRAN LOCAL COUNCIL.pdf 10097* 3.0*
 9UNIO SA Baia MareJanuary 23, 2006 Modernization of industrial local heating system with radiant tubes/Case Study II SC UNIO SA Satu Mare.pdf206
957* 1.1*
 10ARC SRL Dorohoi May 05, 2006 Modernization of technological equipments/Case Study SC ARC SRL Dorohoi.pdf400
898* 1.7*
Local Council
 June 30, 2006Modernization of public outdoor lighting system/Case Study MIHAI EMINESCU LOCAL COUNCIL.pdf135
Local Council
July 25, 2006Modernization of public outdoor lighting system/Case Study PECICA LOCAL COUNCIL.pdf200105*3.1*
 13Refinery Steaua Romana CampinaSeptember 11, 2006Modernization of steam generation/Case Study SC RAFINARIA STEAUA ROMANA SA Campina.pdf 6031,601*2.1* 
 14County Clinic Hospital OradeaSeptember 22, 2006Installation of two wooden pellets fired boilers/Case Study ORADEA COUNTY CLINIC HOSPITAL.pdf 324187* 5.6*
15Termoelectrica SA PloiestiDecember 22, 2006Automation and energy efficiency increase of public lighting systems 336131*5.6*
16Omnimpex Hartia SA BusteniDecember 22, 2006Modernization of micro hydro power unit for electricity generation for exclusively covering the electricity demand of Refinery Steaua Romana
Eneas S.R.L. Bucuresti April 25, 2007 Installation, commissioning and operation of a co-generation unit to a third party (ESCO)/Case Study SC ENEAS SRL Bucuresti.pdf
18Chimcomplex SA BorzestiMay 07, 2007
Installation of a co-generation system/Case Study SC CHIMCOMPLEX SA Borzesti.pdf2,00013,509*2.8*
A6 Impex SA Dej
 November 21, 2007
Installation of a new wooden waste fired boiler

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